What Is a Holistic End of Life Skills Practitioner?


An End of Life Practitioner is someone who works holistically with people who are at the end of their lives. We are known by many names – Death Priestesses, Soul Midwives, Death Doulas, Doulas for the Dying, Death Midwives, and simply End of Life Practitioners, to name just a few. We have trained extensively with The Soul Midwives School, completing levels 1, 2 and the TLC Training.

A soul midwife specifically is a non-medical, holistic companion who guides and supports the dying in order to facilitate a gentle and peaceful death. We can be from any walk of life – many people who choose this path are palliative care workers, but you do not need to be a nurse or have nursing skills – they are carers, holistic therapists, healers, teachers and people who are already helping loved ones at the end of their lives.

We are trained in a variety of holistic, therapeutic techniques to ensure loving and compassionate care at all times. We use sound, colour, touch and smell and other gentle techniques to help alleviate pain and anxiety, but also, often nothing is required but a loving presence. We can help with the blessing and balancing rituals, releasing techniques, visualisation, breathing techniques and meditation. We can help to take care of the body and even work with souls after death (this is called Psychopomp or Deathwalking work and is deep level spiritual/shamanic work)