Holding space for ceremony and ritual in our busy 21st-century world is ever more important, and is deeply healing. 

Rituals Using The 4 Elements

Working intrinsically with you, we can create meaningful rituals to mark important events along life’s colourful journey – baby naming, name changing, handfastings  – weddings, vow renewals, letting go / rebirthing, eldering / croning / saging, passing over ceremonies (before a funeral and memorials), house and land blessings, new beginnings, divorce (unbindings), Mother blessings and any other personal transitional rite of passage you can think of… using the 4 elements that make up the world and our bodies, air, fire, water and earth, with the celebrant at the centre holding the 5th element we work together to create something really magical and special, unique to only you.

We work with adults and children at all stages of life and beyond!

Ceremonies Bespoke To You

Ceremony and ritual provide a way to connect, not only to others but to gain a better insight into our psyche, as well as offering deep healing and a safe, sacred space to just “be”. You do not need to be a Pagan or affiliated with any other religion to have an elemental ceremony. The only limit is your imagination!

Sacred Celebrants Academy

All graduates of the Sacred Celebrants Academy pride themselves on being able to offer unscripted, personalised ceremony and ritual to all, and have worked closely with the LGBTQIA+ community, naming ceremonies, in particular, being really important here. We work with adults and children at all stages of life and beyond!

We bring in all our experiences, Holistic therapist, trainer, mentor, healer, hedgerow herbalist, soul midwife death priestess and practitioner of green witchcraft and folk magic to create beautiful, healing ceremonies and rituals – if there is something you wish to create and don’t see it listed here, please message us. We will spend a lot of time in consultation with you to ensure every detail for your ceremony is as perfect as we can make it for you.

Sam trained with the wonderful Sacred Celebrant's Academy a centre of excellence based in the beautiful historic town of Glastonbury in Somerset. From there Sam trained Simone as her Melissa Priestess and together with Sam's passion as a Sacred Celebrant allow us to hold space for your bespoke ceremony. 

For more information follow the link: http://www.aurorastar.co.uk/sacred-elemental-celebrant


Sacred Elemental Celebrant